2021 The 9th DIPE Golden Bird Awards Ceremony will be held

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「See the World through images,

See Dali through Collections


• The 9th Dali International Film Festival

• Life Elsewhere • Reconstruction and distance

August 13 - October 31



The stars are shining here tonight, and the heart is shining here tonight! On the evening of September 29, the 9th Dali International Film Festival 2021 Golden Winged Bird Award Ceremony was held in Dali Ancient City Shikong National Stone Museum. The Dali International Film Fair was sponsored by Yunnan Federation of Arts and Culture, Dali Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and Dali Municipal People's Government, and organized by Yunnan Photographers Association, Dali Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau, Dali Municipal Federation of Arts and Culture, and Kunming Miding Technology Development Co., LTD.

After careful selection by the jury of Dali International Film Festival, a number of awards such as "President's Alliance Award of DIPE International Film Festival", "Outstanding Contribution Award of 2021 Dali International Film Festival" and "Golden Winged Bird" series were finally awarded. Among them, there were 5 Golden bird awards, Wang Zhi's "Shadow Yu" won the "DIPE International Film Festival President's Association Award", 13 companies including Sima (China) and Artron Culture won the "2021 Dali International Film Festival Outstanding Contribution Award", and the most popular



"Golden Bird Best Photographer Award" was won by Liao Yongqin's "Reality Revisited".



Tonight, the audience was full. Niu Yan, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Dali Municipal Committee, Director of the Propaganda Department of Dali Municipal Committee, Tang Peidee, President of Dali Municipal Committee, Meng Zhili, vice president of Dali Municipal Committee, and other leaders of Dali Municipal Committee and State Government attended the award ceremony. Zhu Xianmin, Executive Chairman of China Art Photography Society and Chairman of Dali International Film Association Art Committee, Zhong Weixing, Vice president of China Art Photography Society and chairman of Dali International Film Association Jury, Wang Zhuan, former Deputy director of Liaoning Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee, Li Xueliang, Vice president of China Photographers Association, Liu Jun, consultant of China Photographers Association, and China Folk Photography Association Zheng Yichuan, Director, Wang Xiaochuan, President of Zhejiang Provincial Photographers Association, Duan Yueheng, honorary President of China Photography Society of Canada, CAI Yuan, President of Beijing Photography Collection

Association, Lu Ni, director of Xie Zilong Image Art Museum, Zeng Xingming, Editor-in-Chief of Xinhua News Agency Photography World, Bao Lihui, artistic director of Dali International Film Association and other guests attended the award ceremony.



First of all, Li Xueliang, vice president of China Photographers Association, delivered a speech: "It's a great honor to be invited to participate in Dali International Film Festival. After I came here, the biggest feeling is shock. There are so many works on display, the production level is high, the way of exhibition is novel, and the trade of works is active.



According to Zhong Weixing, chairman of the jury committee of Dali International Film Festival, in order to ensure the fairness of the award judging, the organizing committee of Dali International Film Festival truly achieved zero interference in the whole selection work, and gave all the judges full trust and respect. As the chairman of the jury, when I found that there were many of my friends among the photographers, I voluntarily gave up the right to recommend and vote in this selection in order to avoid personal feelings. Secondly, a good jury is the basic condition and premise for the academic selection. Therefore, the judges we invite are all teachers with excellent professional level, rich experience in curating exhibitions and organizing large-scale art activities. For example, Wang Huangsheng, the general director of the


Guangzhou Art Museum, Liu Jun, vice chairman of the China Photographers Association, Hai Jie, a prominent art critic who has a thorough understanding of contemporary photography, Yao Lu, a professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and Gao Lei, a French photographer who participated in and organized many large-scale events for a long time.Judging from the actual results, I think the selection was truly fair and just, and can stand the academic test. But objectively speaking, no one can do a perfect job. After the results are published, different people will have different opinions, but for the jury, we have a clear conscience!




2021 The 9th Dali International Film Fair, with the theme of "Life Elsewhere -- Reconstruction and distance", adheres to the exhibition concept of "Seeing the world through images, seeing Dali through collections", strengthens innovation and leadership, focuses on the theme of The Times, and highlights Dali characteristics. A total of 600 exhibitions and more than 20,000 works will be displayed. In terms of exhibition time, exhibition number, exhibition area and other aspects, it has reached the highest level in history, becoming the largest image exhibition in China.



Although the number of people decreased due to the epidemic, the exhibition still had a good sales performance. It is known that in only one day, 28, a gallery had more than 40 works transact, and one exhibitor's daily sales exceeded 300,000 yuan. In a special period of photography works to achieve such a transaction, it is not easy.



The second phase of the offline exhibition will last until October 1st, and we welcome photography lovers to visit the exhibition.


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