• <Sidewalk of Earth: Back to Trueness>By Wangchen

    <Sidewalk of Earth: Back to Trueness>By Wangchen

    He used to say: “a real great photographer must have a homeless heart.” However, his homeless heart never slacks. He is focusing on photographing earth for decades. He keeps training and protecting ...
    2015-7-26 16:13
  • Pass to Artron • view the photographic exhibition before you come

    Pass to Artron • view the photographic exhibition before you come

    Science and technology created wealth, at the same time, it also constantly rolling human’s survival space, which let people have to begin to reflect: where the future of the humanity will be going? ...
    2015-7-26 16:11
  • PEOPLE By Chris Cheung

    PEOPLE By Chris Cheung

    Photographer:Andrew S.T. WongFrom then to now, from novice to veteran, the photographer set foot on China, traveling extensively to take pictures of its people and their lives. Behind the view finders ...
    2015-7-26 16:02
  • The History of Monuments

    The History of Monuments

    Photographer:Wang QingsongIn Chinese dictionary, monument is described as a gigantic monument, referring to incredible masterpieces, great achievements, valuable objects or famous examples, in particu ...
    2015-7-26 16:00
  • Photography VS Arts in China Early Era

    Photography VS Arts in China Early Era

    Curator: Huachen PhotographyThe collection of 19th century vintage photographs, Lithographs, engraves etc. which shows the tangling,exploiting,fighting, competing, strangling, mixing and reconciling b ...
    2015-7-26 15:56
  • Miss·Armenia


    Curator: HemingPhotographer:Juani JiongA travel started by music· an unforgettable experience· The first time ever of exhibit 60 pieces of silver original works.Preface1997, Juan I-Jong was going to ...
    2015-7-26 15:54
  • Beneath the Skin —Taiwan Contemporary photography Exhibition

    Beneath the Skin —Taiwan Contemporary photography Exhibition

    Curator: Joanna FUPhotographer:HSIEH CHUN-TE/LEE XIAO-JING/WU TIENC-HANG/CHEN CHIEH-JEN/QUO YING-SHENG/SHEN CHAO-LIANGIn the realm of contemporary Taiwan photography, they are the initial force, meanw ...
    2015-7-26 15:51
  • There’s also a great photographer at this side of the Battlefield

    There’s also a great photographer at this side of the Battlefield

    Curator: Xiaobo ChenThe Robert Capa of VietnamOn May 24th 2015, I met Mr. ZhongXin Duan at a small alley of Ho Chi Ming City.Duanwas born in north Vietnam in 1943, joined army after graduate from high ...
    2015-7-26 15:47
  • Foever Sipahioglu

    Foever Sipahioglu

    Sipa Press is a shining and well-respected name in the world of photojournalism. Gökşin Sipahioğlu, the founder of the agency, was the first Turkish reporter to visit China and received ...
    2015-7-26 15:42
  • Beautiful Life

    Beautiful Life

    Curator: SipaDuring David Stern’s photography career of over 50 years, the most famous photographs are the nude photos he took for Marilyn Monroe, which were photographed in June 1962 in Bel-Air hote ...
    2015-7-26 15:41
  • The Face of the Times and the Power of Calm

    The Face of the Times and the Power of Calm

    Curator: Jiang YimingPhotographer:August Sander/Eva RubinsteinAugust Sander: the most important portraitist in the history, the photographer for the faces of the times, the witness of human nature of ...
    2015-7-26 15:37
  • LOFTY By Chen Haiyan

    LOFTY By Chen Haiyan

    This is a group of “old fellows”. Old because they are so long indulged in photography, they could be considered as patinated cameras. They are all aged pottery treasures out of the high temperature ...
    2015-7-26 15:36
  • About《The Nirvana of Phoenix》

    About《The Nirvana of Phoenix》

    Phoenix, a legendary God Bird; Nirvana means the rebirth in Buddha's words, and a process of Samsara. Guo Moruo says in a poem: In ancient Kingdom of Tianfang, there was a God Bird named Phoenix. Bein ...
    2015-7-26 15:34
  • What I Want to Say

    What I Want to Say

    Curator: Classic GalleryPhotographer:Qingjun/Bruno BarbeyThis year is the sixth time when DIPE finds us. Here comes the “Classic Gallery” under HSZM Photographic Alliance.What a lucky number the six ...
    2015-7-26 15:33


    Curator: Jean LohTowards the end of the 1st World War the DADA movement was born, whether by reaction to the horror and violence of the war or as a creative energy stimulated by the new millennium, DA ...
    2015-7-26 15:31